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Core Temp 1.17

Keeps an eye on the temperature of the CPU
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Displays the temperature of each of your processor's cores along with its model, frequency, voltage and other useful information.

Core Temp is a Windows utility designed for monitoring your current processor temperature and other hardware-related aspects. This program helps you identify whether you're dealing with hardware issues or not and provides you with a quick way to share your system details with support teams for assistance.

Once the application is launched, it immediately starts fetching information about the performance of your system. The program provides you with detailed information about your system configuration (processor model, default frequency, etc.), a quick way to check if there are any driver or BIOS updates available, and so much more.

In addition, you can set the preferred interval of time for updating the processor temperature and other monitored details.

The application comes with 2 flaws: it offers you to install unneeded apps (during its installation) and supports only one output format for saving snapshots (PNG).

However, the aforementioned disadvantages don't mean that much to me mostly because, overall, the program works flawlessly and offer you accurate information. Plus, Core Temp comes without a price. So, I'd say you should give it a try if you wish to monitor your processor temperature and other vital hardware details.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Provides you with accurate details
  • You can set the interval of time for updating the system info
  • Allows you to export the offered details
  • Offers you detailed information about your hardware


  • Offers you to install unneeded apps
  • Supports only one output format for saving snapshots (PNG)
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